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i had a dream where i was training eugene levy to drive a bus. or he… - sleep_club

About i had a dream where i was training eugene levy to drive a bus. or he…

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i had a dream where i was training eugene levy to drive a bus. or he was training someone and i was observing. something like that.

in any case. this dream occured at the same intersection that always occurs in my dreams. it's hard to remember but it's so familiar when i see it. it's not an intersection, but a series of on and off ramps to two different highways. one was is an incarnation of 50, heading to the eastern shore. where my heart drowned. HA. i think that's where it goes. but there's a rest stop along the way that i always stop at in the dream...reminscient of maryland house, but more like midway house on the penn turnpike. the other way goes up into a downtown section. there's shops, one clothing shop that i remember going into. it's all very quaint, very much like frederick i think, but perhaps less busy. more like upper marlboro, but without the bail bonds shops and more shops like they have in frederick. actually. a lot more like easton, md. that scale. i remember there's this one bar i went to once in my dream. anyway. i'm familiar with this section of town and this part of the highway, and i always feel like i know what's going on when it comes up in my dreams.

so anyway. eugene levy. drives the bus into this part that he's not supposed to. the road gives out and we're falling into a chasm. we're all outside the bus and just falling to our peril. it's not that typical falling feeling. i'm not anxious or scared. i may have even had the chance to jump off the bus into safety, but i opted not to. i'm just falling, and i cross my arms and close my eyes. i'm as calm as if i'm sleeping (which, well, I am). i just let go and fall into it.

i have time to decide what my last thought will be. and i think about her...at least, i know there's someone i wanted to think about. except i can't conjure her name. i go through names of various ex-girlfriends, and none of them resonate. i just can't remember her name.

it ends with no hard fall, i don't startle when i wake up. i calmly open my eyes and remember her name.
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Date:September 22nd, 2005 03:18 pm (UTC)
I am glad you still write in this community. I always have wacky dreams, I should do the same. Like the one I had recently where I went to Ryan's Family Reunion. SO MANY GRIMES'!
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Date:September 22nd, 2005 06:48 pm (UTC)
so many grimeses. so little timeses.
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