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Previous Entry hah Mar. 22nd, 2006 @ 07:37 pm Next Entry
so i very rarely remember my dreams, hence why i never post in here. but my mind was apparantly obessessed with suvs last night...

i don't remember anything about the first dream except that i was in the front seat of a car with someone random driving... and then there was this huge suv in front of us and we were definitely about to crash into it. so i pop up with a huge intake of breath. i was at my friend aaron's house and he was apparantly awake and was like, "what was that noise?!" so i told him about the dream and went back to sleep.

then i was dreaming again, and this time aaron and i were in the back seat of a car, and two random people were in the front. all of the sudden the driver is like "holy shit!" and swerves into the other lane. right in front of us is an suv. not realizing that i'm dreaming again, i turn to aaron and am like, "crap! that looks like the car from my dream!"

getting into my friend's car that had too much junk in it for the seatbelt to be accessable wasn't too fun this morning...
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